Friday, December 25, 2009

Keep the main thing...the main thing

I found a good definition of church - A group of born-again believers in Christ who come together for worship and are lead by shepards who preach the Word and lead the congregation to the purpose of glorifying God by fulfilling Jesus' Great Commission and Greatest Commandments.

As leaders - lets keep our calling and purpose in front of us. Dont get sidetracked into programs or people pleasing. Obey God's call to lead and not comromise and let your people lead you.... Afterall, have you ever seen sheep lead their shepard around? I hope not....

Have a Merry Christmas....and I pray you dont grow weary in doing good!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Measuring Success

I've often wondered about measuring success within the church plant paradigm. Is it wrong to measure or should we just believe we are on track and keep going?

I recently came to the conclusion that defining a "win" or measuring success with measureable results is healthy and can lead to good stewardship in both time and money.
For instance, if we are spending a good chunk of the budget on outreach, yet nobody is getting saved, nobody is visiting the church or there are no other hints of success...then maybe we are doing something wrong. This could be a matter of tweaking or it can involve a complete overhaul. Reminder: Dont fall in love with the methodology... fall in love with the goal - to reach the lost for Jesus in this case.

Within the church plant itself, how can we measure success? I think it will differ from church to church. It may help you to review your missions statement and see if you are doing what you claim is your mission : )

Here are some goals I have set for our recent church plant and how we can determine if we are on track:

Excitement & Passion for the Great Commision
  • > 75% involved in local outreach

  • >50% involved in world missions
Excited About Church
  • >50% Inviting friends on a regular basis

  • > 75% involved in service within the local church

  • >75% giving financially to the local church

Committment to Spiritual Growth
  • > 75% involved in small groups / "Life Groups"

Write the goals down and file them away. Revisit your file regularly (I recommend monthly) to see how you are measuring up.