Wednesday, July 15, 2009


OAIM is currently helping one of our network churches re-launch. After years of being average...they wanted to step it up, make a difference in their community and bring excellence into everything they do.

One of the first things I did with the lead pastor was to drive to the church with him and look at everything from a fresh perspective. One of the 1st things I noted was the sign. The lettering was so small, nobody who was driving the speed limit of 45 mph could read. Church signs should communicate a clear, concise message that passers-by can read and understand while driving past it.

I make comments about signage all the time - so much in fact, my son Skyler points out good signage as we drive around town. It may do some of you good just to get in your car and drive around and see what signs are clear and noteworthy.

While on the subject of signs - I had a guy come to one of our churches and said the reason he came to the church was because we didnt have some cheesy saying on the church sign. I couldnt agree more... those signs turn me off. You know ...the ones that say stuff like,"Whats missing in Ch__ch? answer: UR". Or how about “Soul food served here!”

Let me add, good ole common sense will go a long way.

Top 10 Reasons Young Adults Drop out of Church

Here is a survey which was put together by our friends at Lifeway. Very interesting results, but makes me wonder if being outward focused and making a difference in the community would put an end to some of these reasons (or excuses) why young people no longer attend church.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Church Planting Tips

How do you start a church from scratch? By a faith that envisions what God's will is and then sees it come to pass.

Here are some great tips for a new church plant:

Have an excellent children's church. Children raised in an environment of "can-do" faith find it hard later to settle for "ho-hum" Christianity.

Welcome newcomers as guests....not just visitors. Reach out in friendship quickly, since we know what it's like to be new, too.

Be Flexible. If a change is needed, dont take a year to pass it through all the committees and sub-committees. Take a pragmatic approach, "If we have to, we can put it together in the next week or two". Younger churches are typically good at managing change

Enjoy Being Casual. Some folks enjoy dressing up on Sundays--and that's okay--but casual dress should be embraced and in my opinion...encouraged--slacks rather than suits or dresses. The outer appearance isn't so important here; it's the inner person who is important.