Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas worship Time....

Here is an article from Tom Jackson's Expressive Worship blog. I highly recommend his seminars and DVD's. They are sure to take your praise team to another level with regards to their heart attitude as well as their gifting.

4 Ideas for a Grinch-less Christmas

1. Remember that the Father initiated the whole thing and wants us back.

I love the picture that God set in motion. The plan that sent Jesus on a stealth, covert mission into enemy territory to bring down the regime that had kidnapped and brainwashed His love: us. This is a different picture than a chubby, non-crying baby that has some Gerber induced grin on his face.

2. Reverence is great, but reverence with joy is better.

Church can get stuffy around Christmas. What am I saying… that can happen all year round! Let’s be worshippers who exhibit that we are ones who know their God, Jesus. And He’s good!

3. Strive to make it real.

Jesus lives. Sentiment can sometimes help us understand truth. But if that exchange doesn’t occur, truth is lost to pious religion. Jesus hates religion. Christmas and all that God did to send His Son, can become meaningless window dressing when we don’t see Him as a real person.

4. For some, this is the only time of the year they’ll experience worship, and therefore, something potentially truly life changing.

We all know that Christmas and Easter bring people out to church; in some, maybe many cases, because they’re trying to make their mom happy. Hey, any reason will do! Let’s look at the opportunity as one that could change someone’s life and take it seriously.

Take time to listen to the Holy Spirit; maybe you could do some unexpected song that would break down people’s defenses to the Gospel. I remember a little Hispanic church where my wife was doing a concert. The pastor there walked out into the congregation and started singing Jingle Bells. Everybody joined in and it brought such non-religious joy to the room!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Be teachable!

Fellow Church Planters,
I pray you would remain humble.....and teachable. Never think you have "arrived". Look for opportunities to refresh and learn something new.

Here is a great resource.... and it's free! Thanks to Perry Noble and NewSpring Church in Anderson SC.