Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mission Devoid of Discipleship = Failure

Every once in a while I find someone who writes or speaks the things that I'm thinking about. And to be honest I'm thinking and pondering these things and really wonder if I'm just being negative. I mean, who wants to be a glass half empty type person?

The word "missional" was something new and fresh a few years back. Many books and articles have been written about being missional both on a personal level as well as corporately. When a word is over-used, it tends to lose meaning and I find this true for the word "missional". Everyone and every church thinks they are "missional". Even their church programs are geared towards being "missional". The truth is... its just a word. Your programs are still just that...programs... sorry. Just sharing the truth in love :)

 Anyways, here is an article from Mike Breen which is entitled: Why The Missional Movement Will Fail. 

To read the article click here: Mike Breen / Verge

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