Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where is your focus?

As church planters we need to be aware of some statistics. In just about all churches, we will have approx 10% who are pioneers, 70% who are considered "settlers" and then about 20% who are "antagonists".

We happen to spend much time, energy and loss of sleep due to people who are in the last category. We will never make them happy so why are we trying so hard to please them? I think after discerning they are indeed antagonists at their very root, we need to smile, be cordial and then walk away. Let's give them over to God, believing that the Holy Spirit will do what you and I cannot do.... change their heart.

If you continue to give them your time and energy, I'm sorry to say... you will be exhausted and eventually burn out. It's amazing how many pastors leave the ministry just because of the stress of a few people. When your focus is on the 20% which are antagonists, can you really expect a different outcome? Let's be wise and focus on those who have a teachable spirit and continue praying for the 20% to change more into the likeness of our Jesus.

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