Friday, June 5, 2009

Signs of a Healthy Church

Here’s some thoughts shared by Dino Rizzo regarding Healthy Church Growth Indicators:

■The DNA of the house is everywhere. The leadership carries the culture all the way. It is a personal thing to them.
■There is a high level of interactiveness - and in the interactivity, there is a life-giving atmosphere.
■There is a momentum - unity about the vision and mission that relentlessly pushes love for Jesus, love for Jesus, love for Jesus.
■There is a lot of buy-in. Everything moves at the speed of the leadership because people generally will buy into the leadership prior to buying into the vision.
■The pastor has the ability to engage, enlarge and build the team. There is a high priority on making room for people to flourish.
■There is the irreplaceable God-factor: HUMILITY
■There is an element of outreach in almost everything that happens.

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