Friday, July 10, 2009

Church Planting Tips

How do you start a church from scratch? By a faith that envisions what God's will is and then sees it come to pass.

Here are some great tips for a new church plant:

Have an excellent children's church. Children raised in an environment of "can-do" faith find it hard later to settle for "ho-hum" Christianity.

Welcome newcomers as guests....not just visitors. Reach out in friendship quickly, since we know what it's like to be new, too.

Be Flexible. If a change is needed, dont take a year to pass it through all the committees and sub-committees. Take a pragmatic approach, "If we have to, we can put it together in the next week or two". Younger churches are typically good at managing change

Enjoy Being Casual. Some folks enjoy dressing up on Sundays--and that's okay--but casual dress should be embraced and in my opinion...encouraged--slacks rather than suits or dresses. The outer appearance isn't so important here; it's the inner person who is important.

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