Saturday, October 31, 2009

Imagine if churches (new and existing) would think of real resource sharing (life, programs, teaching, money, gifts, volunteers, knowledge) beyond their own congregation. What if we (all churches) had a "same team" mentality?

I have seen this in large churches that share graphics, free sermons on MP3 and even video productions. comes to mind. The leadrship is kingdom minded and freely shares resources with anyone regardless of denomination or affilliation.

This past week I saw this within our own community. Three kingdom minded churches gathering to do an outreach, for the sole purpose of sharing the love of Jesus. We went a bit further and gathered for worship the next day as 1 congregation. Each church did their part.

After the weekend events there was a buzz around the community. People actually witnessed 3 churches that not only got along and liked each other, but were encouraging eachAdd Image other to be all that God has in mind for them. The leadership at each of the churches met and prayed for one another...prayed for the churches...and prayed for the community. Going a step further, each pastor expressed their desire to help the others in any way possible.

I cant help but think that God was smiling as He looked down on His children getting along and doing His will - Loving Him...Loving one another....and making a difference.

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