Monday, November 30, 2009

Using Pop Culture.....

Here is an excerpt from the website: For more - check out the site and the blog article "How to Create a Buzz".

Churches need to be able to speak in the language of pop culture and communicate the Bible in and with this strange new culture. In a sense, we need to become cross-cultural missionaries. Like missionaries, we must dwell in the culture and use the language, the signs, and the symbols of that culture to reach people. Rather than embracing pop culture, this means we must leverage it.

At our church, we’ve found at least three different methods for using the language of pop culture to reach people.

Using pop culture to acquaint people with the stories of the Bible.
Looking for pop culture examples to illustrate biblical truths.
Employing secular images and songs to raise a deep life issue to the surface of people’s thinking.
This is important because speaking someone’s language is the first step toward gaining a hearing from them.

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