Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cafe Church.... getting out of the box

Culture is relevant! Dont ignore or fight against culture. Use it the way the Apostle Paul did! He used the culture as a way of reaching that particular people group.

Cafe Church philosophy and planting churches

The cafe church can be viewed as an organically based philosophy for planting churches, centered around the idea of making the message of Christ's love relevant to the needs of the local community that the church seeks to serve.

The goal of cafe church endeavors is to impact their local community with a message of God's love and the transforming power of Christ's love.

Some churches have already incorporated a "coffee shop" atmosphere at the beginning or end of their worship services. Why was this done? Answer: Because of our culture.

What if we took this to another level? Instead of just having this atmosphere once or twice per week... we had it 6-7 days per week? What if we used this atmosphere to glorify God and show the love of Christ to those who might enter the front door?

Think about it... pray about it.... and when God gives you the green light...DO IT! Dont be afraid to get out of the box of status quo church.

Be blessed,
Jeff Hoglen
Pastor - Church at the Creek

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