Sunday, March 11, 2012

Getting rid of distractions....

Our thoughts are often not our own - they are realy derived from someone else. Someone else thought them first ...spoke it and we caught wind of it.... ingested it and made them our own. Other people's voices often fill our minds. Think about all the influences around us that have access to your head:
  • The people in your home
  • Your co-workers
  • Your extended family
  • The TV
  • Your friends
  • The internet
  • Video games
We need to consider the value of our own thoughts. Why let anyone tell you what to think? Why listen to people who don't even know you and don't understand your value system?
Consider the possibility that perhaps there are certain voices that need to be edited out. Some voices are persistently negative or just not helpful. Why not establish boundaries?

Could this be why we can hear so much clearly when we are on the mission field? What if we quited the voices and influences around us and simply asked God - What would You have me do?

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