Friday, May 1, 2009

Base of Operations

We have located a building that will serve as our base of operations in Antipolo - on the outskirts of Manila. The building will serve several purposes:

1) As our headquarters - the launch team will meet here to make plans and prepare for the upcoming launch as well as future outreaches.

2) As our church planting school - We believe in sowing into others therefore we will be teaching others to plant effective churches. The school is 100% free of charge. Interested? Send us an email to setup an informal interview.

3) As an outreach center - We will serving the community through servant evangelism.

4) As a gathering place - Prior to the official church launch in April 2010, we will hold informal Bible studies at our HQ.

5) As a guest house for short term missionaries. We have a group coming in August to help with the church plant. If you desire to help or are looking for short term mission opportunities....shoot us an email!

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