Monday, May 25, 2009

Worship - Another Piece of the Puzzle

Praise and worship in the Start-up Church

Besides the lead pastor, the worship leader is probably the most important part of the staffing puzzle. This being said, don’t be too quick to jump on the 1st person who comes to you with a guitar.

Here are some tips in selecting a worship leader:

Beware of the big-head: Being a musician typically means having some ego. After all, it takes some self confidence to perform. What you don’t want is a worship leader who thinks he or she is the reason everyone is at the church. I call this a case of the big head.

Bible School Students: This can be a good source for finding a worship leader. The downside to this is the person may be temporary – staying only a few months. I wouldn’t worry too much. In most cases, God has someone on the way to you, in order to pick up where the other left off and take it too another level.

Online Classifieds: I’ve been involved in church planting for almost 10 years now and utilized this method….once. My experience wasn’t the best to say the least. It seems that many of the big-heads responded to my advertisement. I believe this can work however if the lead pastor uses discernment. I would even recommend getting a second opinion in the event the lead pastor is not musical. I know of one experience where a pastor who was tone-deaf hired a worship leader who was…tone-deaf. He didn’t know until people in the church started to talk.

Plan B

Use musical tracks / song tracks for the service. Tracks are music and background vocals and can be purchased from your local Christian bookstore as well as online sources. You will need someone to sing the melody line. I suggest you record the selected songs onto one CD. Don’t forget to use a combination of praise songs and worship songs. It may be helpful to think in terms of flow. It would flow better to have faster songs and then slower ones

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