Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Next Steps...

I'm a next step thinker. If you are a pastor, consider challenging your congregation to take their "next step". We all have of one! None have arrived at glory yet :)

For some folks, it may be seeking forgiveness from a family member. For others, it could be to start reading their Bible. Regardless of what it is, as leaders it is our duty to encourage them to take that step.

Possible Steps (in no way meant to be a complete listing - just things that come to mind)
1) Start praying - nothing fancy - just sharing their heart with Jesus
2) Start reading the Bible - 1-2 verses a day to start.
3) Join a small group (if your church has them) or Sunday school class.
4) Make a commitment to the local church
a) attending Sunday services regularly
start tithing
c) getting involved in a ministry
If ALL people are not always taking some type of "Next Step" in their faith life, it is highly unlikely that they will continue to be a sold out, kingdom building, church growing, follower of Christ!

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